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Error accessing

I am having intermittant sales go through your Gateway.  I have seen at least 4 transactions processed and several denied.  I have not changed anything in my web design in three years in conjunction with  I believe I may be having a tim eout issue.  I also use the SIM integration.  I did notice that the version in my account was set to 3.0 and my SIM transaction was set to 3.1.  The customer care associate assisted me in changing this to 3.1, but it did not reolves the issue I am having below:


The remote name could not be resolved: ''


it errors on my code here:


Line 87:         myrequest = System.Net.HttpWebRequest.Create("" & strLoginTest & vPostData)

Line 88: thresponse = myrequest.GetResponse - ERRORS here.


Server Error in '/' Application.

The remote name could not be resolved: ''


I called into customer care and they stated with intermittent sales being processed they cannot assist me and my only recourse is to see if anyone else has encounter this issue.  Any help woul be great






Accepted Solutions

meant to say.."using on server.." and it came out usin gone server....It was the DNS.  Error has been corrected.  Thanks for all your help

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That look like a DNS issue. Can you access that URL on the server in a web browser?

Are hosting in house or outside hosting? Maybe need to talk to your network person.


I am hosting in house and have been for three years with  All of a sudden on 2/1 I get sporadic sales.  As you can imagine if it isnt broken don't fix or change it.  So I haven't change a...



Error 92: The payment gateway no longer supports the requested method of integration. gives me no help with this one.  They did send me a SIM timeout issue


Thanks for response

Sorry this is what I add to it to get Error 92




as you can Imagine I have removed the login and trans key


rest of code just in case you see something:


        Dim x_version As String = "3.1"
        Dim x_test_request As String = "false"
        Dim x_delim_data As String = "true"
        Dim x_delim_char As String = "|"
        Dim x_first_name = myrecord.fname
        Dim x_last_name As String = myrecord.lname
        Dim x_address As String = myrecord.baddr1
        Dim x_city As String = myrecord.bcity
        Dim x_state As String = myrecord.bstate
        Dim x_zip As String = myrecord.bzip
        Dim x_country As String = "US"
        Dim x_phone As String = myrecord.bphone
        Dim x_email_customer = "False"
        Dim x_relay_response As String = "false"
        Dim x_amount As String = gprice
        Dim x_method As String = "CC"
        Dim x_type As String = "AUTH_CAPTURE"
        Dim x_card_num As String = thiscard
        Dim x_exp_date As String = myexp
        Dim x_card_code As String = ccv

        Dim vPostData As String = "&x_version=" & x_version & "&x_test_request=" & x_test_request & "&x_delim_data=" & x_delim_data & "&x_delim_char=" & x_delim_char & "&x_relay_response=" & x_relay_response & "&x_amount=" & x_amount & "&x_method=" & x_method & "&x_type=" & x_type & "&x_card_num=" & x_card_num & "&x_exp_date=" & x_exp_date & "&x_card_code=" & x_card_code & "&x_first_name=" & x_first_name & "&x_last_name=" & x_last_name & "&x_address=" & x_address & "&x_city=" & x_city & "&x_state=" & x_state & "&x_zip=" & x_zip & "&x_country=" & x_country & "&x_phone=" & x_phone


and final:


        Dim myrequest As System.Net.WebRequest
        Dim theResponse As System.Net.WebResponse
        Dim theStream As System.IO.StreamReader
        myrequest = System.Net.HttpWebRequest.Create("" & strLoginTest & vPostData)
        theResponse = myrequest.GetResponse
        theStream = New System.IO.StreamReader(theResponse.GetResponseStream)

errors on:


theResponse = myrequest.GetResponse


Server Error in '/' Application.

The remote name could not be resolved: ''

Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. 

Exception Details: System.Net.WebException: The remote name could not be resolved: ''

Just to be clear, if you put this on the web browser on the server that run the

myrequest = System.Net.HttpWebRequest.Create("" & strLoginTest & vPostData)

are you getting 

The following errors have occurred.

(13) The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive.


P.S. if you calling in code that AIM, not SIM.


something to look into

It said something about proxy settings. Are you running it in web farm or just one server?



Yes I receive error 13.  I am usin gone server.  Somebody suggests this is my issue: This is a problem with your DNS  on the box that is running the web page.  It can't resolve the host name to an IP address.  I am not sure how to resolve this one.

Sorry not familiar with gone server. But can use change to use something like the google public dns server?

meant to say.."using on server.." and it came out usin gone server....It was the DNS.  Error has been corrected.  Thanks for all your help