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Error after expired authorization

Hello! I am using Authorize CIM
I am getting an error 

'The transaction cannot be found.'

 after i am trying to capture transaction which is expired(it's still visible in authorize cim sandbox administration panel).

Is that correct error?
I mean i have few payments which are expired now (they have over 30 days long) and I was trying to capture them.

The error which i get is the one above.

I'm asking because what i tryin to do is create new transaction and capture it after my transaction expire, but I'm not sure if that is correct error of expired transaction.

I hope you understand me guys.


Best regards.


@lkucharski -- That is the correct error.


You have 30 days to capture an unsettled transaction for settlement. After 30 days, the transaction expires, at which point we move it from your unsettled transactions to your main transaction reporting.

The transaction can no longer be found in your unsettled transactions, so the error reflects that fact.

I hope this clarifies things for you!

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