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Expiration Date in refund transaction

I searched through here and found a lot of questions similar to this, but they are all pretty old.  I am mainly asking this question again in case there is updated information.


We would like to notify/remind customers when their card is about to expire.  But through the API I only get xx/xxxx.  Is there any possible way to find out the expiration date, or even if the card will expire in the next 30 days (either way is fine).  I understand I can store the expiration date.  But unfortunately the system was built and we have 1000s of users with stored profiles.  I know I could make this change going forward, but it would be nice to get the expiration date for those 1000s of users already stored.



Hello @BrianKitt 

It is currently not possible to obtain th expiration date for a payment profile.  We've reported this to our product team but so far have not yet received a time line for completion.

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