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Following the DPM PDF not successful

Hello, I am using the DPM path. When I create form.jsp, relay_response.jsp and order_receipt.jsp either I have problems with MD5 or I get a message that the gateway times out accessing my jsp. I looked in the forum and noticed that there is a situation with IDs that can cause the gateway not to use the MD5 text I set in the portal. So I passed a null to the function net.authorize.sim.Result.createResult now  I am getting the error that the gateway timed out accessing my script, that my transaction was successful but it could not be posted to my script.


The bottom line is I follow the vanilla instructions with the vanilla files and yet things are not being successful. This is very frustrating. Can someone tell me exactky what are the conditions that will allow me to test successfully. You would think that the vanilla instructions would make it happen...not.


Do you mean you have issue with the relay response?

have you read Relay Response Basics and Troubleshooting


OK, there was a bug in the relay_response.jsp and that's why I was getting the timeout error. This error was the result of troubleshooting the MD5 error.... thinking I was still doing Python I commented with a hash (# how appropriate, I commented MD5HashKey with a hash ) instead of a double slash (//) a hash versus a double slash (I think I'm on a roll). Anyways, anybody knows how I can get rid of that MD5 error? seems I should be the one computing the hash instead of the Gateway telling me it is a wash ;-)

Anybody has any idea how to solve this MD5 problem?

someone just report this.

Could try just changing the MD5 hash setting on the account, I think there is a max char limit on it too, but don't remember what it is.

Hummmm this is the support model for ...hummmm world class......