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Font doesn't change in CIM Hosted Form even after it's configured in Setting -> Payment Form

I want to change the default font of CIM Hosted Form to Times New Rome, so I set it in Settings -> Payment Form -> Color and Fonts -> General. However, the font stays "Helvetica Neue" in the Hosted Form.


How can the font in Hosted Form be changed?



Hi 6spokesystem,


You currently cannot edit the fields or change the font style when using CIM Hosted form. The Payment Form Fields you mentioned are settings that only apply when using our hosted form with SIM or Server Integration Method.




Administrator Administrator

Have you experimented with a variety of values? When I used a cricut fonts for vinyl with white text on a black background, I ran into this problem. The font weight was set to 400, which was ideal. I tried every value between 100 and 700 and it worked perfectly. I set it to 800, which is a bit of a mess. It's an odd little thing, but I just wanted to give a brief suggestion.

Have you tried using all font weights for Lato before narrowing it down for troubleshooting purposes?