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Generating receipt - SIM



I have my site set up such that a person is sent to to pay using SIM.  Is there a way this person can get a receipt?  Here is the catch - I don't know who will actually pay. Example, a teenager has an account on the site, logs in, etc. Her login has her email address in her profile. She shops, checks out and lands on the payment page on Authorize. Dad comes over and enters his CC info (with whatever fields I decide to show).  How does Dad get a receipt?  The process, after payment using Relay Response to get back to the site and thanks the person for the sale, etc. Yet in all this there is only an assumption that the teenager paid.


I read that I can send the email address to SIM and that email address will get a receipt.  But that would be wrong. The only email address I can send is the teen's.  How can Dad get a receipt?  Or is it just that he cannot?





You could add the email field to the screen on the merchant account settings? and add your login email fields as the customer id field?