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Get Transaction details from invoice number.



I am using invoice number in my recurring profile. I would like to get all transaction details from that Invoice number.


I am using C# SDK API.



Pankaj Gohel


In the SDK there is the ReportingGateway that you can use. But their API does not have a search function like the one in the merchant account, so you will have to get all transactions for a date range and go thru each transaction.


Thanks for your replay,


We also adopt same aproch but GetTransactionlist api with date reange is given us first trasation of recurring profile.


i think there might be some bug in this reporting api.


Please help us on this as we are at very critical stage on this

could be a bug in the SDKs, just use the web service call or the XML call to the transaction detail API.

This seems like a glaring hole in the reporting api. If I submit an charge and have a network connection problem how am I suppose to check the status of the transaction? The only number I know at that point is the invoice number. 


Using the getUnsettledTransactionListRequest call is a bad choose since it only returns the last 1000 records.


You are welcome to post this as a new feature using our Ideas forum. This will allow others to vote on and make suggestions to improve the request.


This answer is pretty dismissive for a feature that is not a nice-to-have enhancement, but basic core functionality of a transaction processor's API service.


Does a vote really need to be taken to determine that looking up transactions by invoiceid is a feature that should be supported?


For others who find this post, here is the link to the voting thread: