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Get eCheck previous transaction status

In my system whenever customer places order thru eCheck (ACH) that order status sets to "Hold".



Now i want to change the status of this order whenever transaction get settled into the merchant's account.


is there any API thru which i can get the status of the previous transaction and can set order status accordingly?


from  eCheck.Net® Operating Procedures and User Guide  

Because the availability of funds is not verified in real time, you should wait at least the same amount of time as your funds holding period before shipping or providing access to merchandise purchased using eCheck.Net.



Because funds are not verified in real time, eCheck.Net transactions are NOT guaranteed. For example, unauthorized transactions may result in returns and/or chargebacks.



I am looking for the same information.  Once an ACH (echeck) transaction has been initiated is there anyway through the API (CIM or other) to verify that it has bee completed successfully or not? 


Hi jtowell,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community.


Currently with our APIs and the nature of eCheck.Net transactions (they're not real-time) we don't offer an API to return the results of ACH transactions.




Hi Mimi,


i am also facing same problem on getting eCheck.Net Transaction status after fund settled to merchant account. But you are telling the APIs are not avilable for this. Can a merchant get any email notification with Transactions (Settled/returned) details on daily?  Please give assist for geting Transaction Status with out login to merchant interface.






please give some idea about Quickbooks Integration for geting Transaction status report.






Hello Ramesh,


We have a QuickBooks integration guide at that should be able to give you an idea of how you can get reports from the Merchant Interface into your QuickBooks account.




Is there any change in this? Meaning: does now provide any way for us to programatically check, or for to notify us, if an eCheck transaction has been returned?  An email from your servers into a mail queue would be enough.

Hey gpayet,


We do have some new APIs, just released, that will help you out with this. Check out our getTransactionDetails API or our getSettledBatchList API.


This will help you to check for certain transactions and their status.





Developer Community Manager


Hello ,


I am using eCheck with AIM for making bank account payment via ACH..


In my test account the transaction status shows me as "Captured / Pending Settlement",

But I need to know when these transactions gets  Approved and how ?,  so that the payment gets settled for that transaction.

Because only after the transaction  is approved and settled, we can verify that the payment was successful by the client and he can continue to use that feature.


Any suggestions are welcome.


eCheck on test account do NOT get settled.