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Getting Response Error Code 13 from in SIM API

Hi Team,


Good Day!!!


we are developing a website which  needs a payment gateway and we opted for Authorize. net Payment Gateway.


But, we are facing issues while integrating the payment gateway in IFrame by using the SIM method in our Developemennt environment..


The parameters which required to load the payment form are being sent correctly , we confirmed this by using the data validation tool (  




On loading the Payment form with the Amount,Invoice numbers and description from the request parameters and user eneters the user details and billing info and clicking the Pay now button we get the error code 13 by saying the "The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive."



we are using JDK1.8 and WLS 12.2.1 and Oracle ADF


Could anyone please assist on this issue.


Thanks in advance.



Hello @aaauser


If this is a new integration, you should know that SIM is deprecated and should not be used for any new development.  Instead, you should consider using an alternative from our Accept Suite of tools.  In particular, Accept Hosted is a direct replacement for SIM.



Administrator Administrator