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Getting customer profile lists

The example codes shows the way of getting customer profiles whose credit cards expire this month. Are there other ways to search, for example coule I get all customers named bob etc? If so, where can I find examples of the different ways to search? I am using the json interface, and am looking for the different header names e.g. for expiring credit cards it was

"searchType": "cardsExpiringInMonth", 
"month": "2020-12"

I want the otherpossibilities

"searchType": ???

Thank you


Hello @8Ball


Another developer had a similar suggestion.  If you like you can add your vote to the idea and comment on any specific use cases you would supported.



Administrator Administrator

We too need this!


Is there a way to get all customer payment profiles? As the search type limits the results, we need a way to get all payment profiles. 


Basically, our requirement is to get all the historical data present in the processor.

With the getCustomerProfileIdsRequest, we can only get Ids but not any other details. to get full details we have getCustomerProfileRequest request but it makes too many requests to do it for all customers.


Similarly, we also need to get all customer payment profiles, not limiting them based on search type.


Please help/suggest.


Thanks in advance!