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Getting "E00040" for Transaction IDs beginning with 6 when using getTransactionDetailsRequest



I have a database of transaction ids, and only some of them work when I query "getTransactionDetailsRequest" for details. I've noticed that the ones that begin with 6 nearly always fail, and the ones that begin with 4 nearly always work. When it fails, it fails with the error code E00040 and the message "The record cannot be found." 


I know that some of the transaction ids beginning with 6 are legitimate; when I sign into and search for a transaction, it shows me the ID.


Is there a reason why some transaction ids begin with 4 and some with 6?




Hello @dharmaturtle 


Are these missing transaction in your sandbox or production account?  Please note that our sandbox and production systems are completely separate and you could potentially get an E00040 if you search for a production transaction id in our sandbox.


Also, in production, we only store the last 2 years of data.  



Administrator Administrator

Hi @RichardH,


They are missing on production. Yes, I'm setting the environment properly.


ApiOperationBase<ANetApiRequestANetApiResponse>.RunEnvironment = AuthorizeNet.Environment.PRODUCTION;

The transaction occured last week.


I can give an example of a nonworking transaction id, what's a safe way to share it?



If this is for your production account, I would suggest contacting support by phone and opening a case with them.  They have additional tools available to troubleshoot your issue.



@RichardH  Thanks for the suggestion. I'll update this thread if/when I find out what the issue is.

It turns out my client has two accounts, and I was using only one of them. When I queried using the other API credentials, the transactions beginning with 6 work.


It's the darndest things.