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Getting "Error processing your credit card..." Using Gravity Form + Plug-in

Using Gravity Form + Plug-in / Getting "Error processing your credit card..."


Currently in test mode to check connection between form and but nothing yet.


1. Test account set up. Green Checks (test mode selected in WP / on in test.authorize)

2. Created form with proper fields.

3. Set up feed (matched fields)

4. Test form using mock credit card (expiration date 12/2032). At this stage is when error message "There was an error processing your credit card. Please verify the information and try again" came up.



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You might also consider reaching out directly to the developer of gravity forms.



Administrator Administrator

I'm having a similar problem. This post from the Gravity Forms support suggests that the problem may be a connection between server and, even though the "green checks" appear. For this user, the problem really was at the host level (it wasn't a fault with the Gravity Forms plugin or Authorize.Net). But, it doesn't mention what the specific problem was or how they fixed  it.


I've seen this error posted a few places, but no "solutions" (which makes me suspect it's something obvious or silly and perhaps even a case-by-case error). Nevertheless, if anyon has any suggestions, I'd certainly appreciate it.


Post URL for Gravity Forms support forum: post URL:


Steve Smith

Update: I am reaching out to the Gravity Forms developers (via a support ticket) and will post the resolution when (not if!) we get one. I did research one possible issues with ports and firewalls: AuthorizeNet uses ports 80 and 443 and our server's firewalls currently allow activity on both ports, so that seems to be a dead end. More later.

Steve Smith

Found the issue (at least for me)! Checking the server's PHP error logs, we found this:


PHP Warning: curl_exec() has been disabled for security reasons wp-content/plugins/gravityformsauthorizenet/api/lib/shared/AuthorizeNetRequest.php on line 103

This is a new server and, apparently, CURL does not install by default when using Apache. We installed CURL, and everything worked as expected. So, it wasn't a problem with Authorize.Net OR Gravity Forms, just needed a server configuration adjustment. Hopefully, this answer will help somone else out.



Steve Smith