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Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking integration

Yes, we know it’s a website integration because we use it on websites. However, we're trying to figure out if we can recommend your product for our eCommerce sites. 
We not only need to track them on the website and through the shopping cart, but we also need to track the actual final completed purchase and the final purchase amount of the purchase. This activity happens in the payment gateway. This way we can track which keywords eventually lead to which sale and the actual completed value of that sale. So our clients know they spent $X on marketing and it resulted in $X of sales. Keywords that don’t lead to sales, we swap out during the optimization process. 
If the sale is not completed at the gateway step, then we need to know that too. Without the complete tracking, we don’t know if the sale is final or a cart abandonment. 

Hello @lisabeacon


I can see how this would be very useful.  We're not experts in Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking, but other community members might have suggestions.  It would help if you provide a bit more detail about your commerce platform and integration method with Authorize.Net.



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