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Gravity Forms testing forms do not transmit to

I am working in the sandbox mode of, using the Gravity Forms plug-in with Headway WordPress theme. I'm a very new developer and have run into an issue I can't solve. I seem to be able to get the form to work, or get to work, but I can't get both to work correctly.


I have a form that I need to be for both product (one-time) and subscription (monthly) payments. When I set up a Gravity form Product field for subtotal/12, this installment is added into the total if the total is in a Total field. So I tried to use a Number field for the installment instead. That worked as far as the form, but is not an available field in the recurring dropdown in the feed.


So I deleted the Total field and the Number field and set up two Product fields - one for the total amount and one for the monthly installment that is the subtotal/12. This worked for the form - the installment is no longer added into the total amount. When I go into the subscription feed for the form, the Product field for installment is in the list of dropdown product fields for the recurring amount, so I selected it. Then when I submit the form, it does not show up in 


I also used the Product field that I had set up instead of the Total field available to use for the feed that is Product (one-time only). This form also did not get to when submitted either.


The only Product field that seems to work in the feeds for is the Total Field which, as I mentioned, is a problem in recurring forms.


I know this may be more of a Gravity Forms question. I've submitted it to them as well. The answers I have received have not solved the problem, so I'm trying this community as well.


Thanks to anyone who can help me.


Hello @Marcy

It's been a while since this was first posted. I would recommend subscribing to this topic so that you'll be alerted via email if anyone from the community is able to respond with any comments. To subscribe, click Topic Options at the top of this thread and then select Subscribe. You'll then receive an email once anyone replies.



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Thanks for the tip. I subscribed. I've been able to figure out a few (sort of complicated) workarounds. I'm still hoping someone here has run into this same challenge and has a solution. :)