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HTTP 302 response to webhook - accepted?

In our testing with an AWS ELB forwarding webhook messages to the correct test server, we are finding that the webhooks appear to not be retried after we have processed one, which is good.  However, the ELB appears to be returning an HTTP 302 message to rather than the HTTP 200 that the webhooks documentation says needs to be received for webhooks to not be retried.  And I found exactly one thread about webhooks and HTTP 302 in this forum, in which it was seemingly stated that webhooks would NOT recognize 302 as a succesful webhook response.  But that thread was over two years old, so perhaps it has changed since then?


We'd like to be sure so that we don't get an unpleasant surprise later when this code goes into production.


@dsandbergwhen I get a minute I will run one and then see what happens.

The 302 code is somewhere in your framework code or other source code.