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In our testing with an AWS ELB forwarding webhook messages to the correct test server, we are finding that the webhooks appear to not be retried after we have processed one, which is good. However, the ELB appears to be returning an HTTP 302 message ...
We're trying to develop webhooks handling in our payment application. For development we have set up an AWS ELB to reroute to the internal development machine, and we are setting the webhook to go to the public address published by the ELB. We got th...
Regardng the impending elimination of the transHash (MD5) field from transaction responses in favor of transHashSHA2, we have several questions that don't appear to be answered anywhere in the existing communications: 1) We are using an AuthorizeNet ...
Is there any way to search for a transaction (via the API) when all we have is the refid that we passed to getHostedPaymentPageRequest? (We are seeking a way to do a batch of queries on any transactions done via hosted payment pages that didn't get r...
On specific systems only, when we call an Authorize.Net API method (production server only), we are getting the following failure: "The underlying connection was closed. An unexpected error occurred on a receive." In researching the web, we have foun...
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