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Having to regenerate transaction key every few days because of error 99

We're using a very simply SIM integration where users are redirected to the to enter their payment details. The issue is this: after generating a transaction key, everything works as it should for a day or two. Then we start getting Error 99, which (according to is supposed to be caused by problemd with x_login, x_fp_sequence, x_fp_timestamp, x_fp_hash, or x_amount.


Since nothing related to these values changes between when Error 99 does not occur versus when it does occur, this is proving very difficult to debug.'s support team sent me here claiming that they would be unable to assist.


Are you said once you regenerate the transactionKey, everything works?


Can you ask support about when the transactionKey last change? Do you have any log on if and when the sim page might have change?


Yes, as soon as the transaction key is regenerated the system works again for a day or two at most. I have access to both the account (where I can regenerate the transaction key myself) and the production server that this is running on. I am the developer working on this project and the site files change only when I change them. On the production server the only thing that ever happens is a git pull, all development is done elsewhere.

Do anyone else have access to the account? that why asking support to see if they can tell when the transactionkey get changed might help.

Yes, one other person does but they have not been regenerating the transaction key. I have asked her whether or not she has done so, and she assured me she hadn't. Additionally I can see the the date of the last generation hasn't changed from when I did it last.

Can you do this, if the page is working now. run it in a broswer up to the page where your form post to

get to the page source in the browser, save a copy, offline locally, use the make sure x_fp_hash match. need a copy so you can compare it when/if it is not working again.


Then, when it happend again do the same thing. get to the page source and do the 99 tools to check the x_fp_hash





Thank you for the suggestion, I will try this out as soon as possible!