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Help Submitting an ARB XML Transaction

I am integrating ARB into an existing AIM application written in VBA, and I have been beating my head against the wall for a few days trying to get this to work. After scouring the blogs and Googling like crazy, I finally decided to break down and ask a couple of questions before I just break down period. Ha.


1) Are the production and test URL's different for Auth/Capture than for ARB Transactions? The ARB guide gives two sets of URL's that differ from the standard card not present URL's, yet I have read in many posts and blogs that the standard card not present URL's should be used?


2) I am an XML novice, but I have written the code to generate the xml file to create the ARB subscription. But after that, the problem I have is fold. 1) I am unsure if I can submit the XML file or object to as is, or do I need to convert it to a string first. 2) I am unsure how to request and parse the response in VB. I would like to receive a text response if possible (like I do for the Auth/Capture transactions), but if xml is the only option, then help how to correctly request and parse it in VB would be so helpful.


I submit two transactions to create the ARB, an auth/Capture to validate the card information (works perfectly, system approved), and the ARB transaction, which is not working properlly, and obviously blows up on the response.


Can you point me in the right direction or give me a code snippet for submitting the XML, requesting the response, and parsing it if indeed XML is the only option?




Here is the code I am using to submit the transactions...


Dim objRequest, Post_Response

Set objRequest = New MSXML2.XMLHTTP

objRequest.Open "POST", Post_URL, False

objRequest.send My.XML

Post_Response = objRequest.responseText

Set objRequest = Nothing

Dim Response_Array

Response_Array = Split(Post_Response, ",", -1)



1)The documentation said it is different.

2)Did you look at the sample code for the CIM API, they use different XML but just about the same logic.