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How can I integrate Post Affiliate Pro with CIM for shopping cart tracking?

Hello everyone!


I cannot understand how to integrate Post Affiliate Pro with CIM for shopping cart tracking.

I have seen an example which works with SIM here.

Does post affiliate pro work with CIM? How to make it work with CIM?


CIM is generally used for subscriptions. Are you trying to do subscriptions? What is your level of programming skill? You'll probably need to find someone who knows the shopping cart well and can learn, rather than trying to have someone who knows well learn the shopping cart.


The thing is, there is no integration method for Post Affiliate Pro for CIM method. I went thorugh the guide and it seems like CIM method can be implemented with "hosted API" which makes it bit easier, as it all happend at your site. In that case you could use simple General Sale Tracking Code.

If you want to use recurring commissions, that might be a problem.

If the shop is not using the hosted API, I am not sure if it is possible to add a custom parameter with a custom value to the XML request. I do not even know if the INS is being sent in this case.