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How do I center my logo on the payment form (x_logo_url)?

Got my logo uploaded (obviously)... but how do I get this centered at the top of my payment form?  Thank you all very much!


It should be center, are you seeing something different, which browser, OS?


Im using Chrome... Lemme go check it with IE on another PC

Nevermind, I added my in the x_header_html_payment_form section.


reading the x_logo_url


The Authorize.Net hosted payment form is 580 pixels wide. Images wider that 580 pixels may not fit properly on the form’s header or footer. Logos and background images can be wider than 580 pixels but we recommend keeping the image a reasonable size for Web hosting.


so just make the pad the image to 580px

Is there a way (i.e. code I can add on this line) that would make the logo display at a different size???:


<input type="hidden" name="x_logo_URL" value="">




My uploaded logo is slightly over 580 pixels... lil too big... doesn't look right at the top of the form.  Thanks!

Not that I know of, can't you just reupload with the correct size?