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How do I prevent declined transactions from going through SIM?

Hi, we use SIM to process payments. We have a site which directs the user to an checkout page which takes their credit card information and then passes the user to our "Thank you" page upon checkout. Our PHP checkout page generates a thank you email and receipt, and includes a bunch of variables passed in from


Our problem is that a lot of people are being told their transaction was good when it actually didn't go through because their card was declined. Usually Authorize catches this and will not let them proceed to our "thank you" page until they enter the correct information. However sometimes they still get through, and the people are under the impression that they paid.


How do I prevent this? How can I check whether a transaction is good before I give them a receipt? Is there a script I can add to my "thank you" page which will tell them they were declined and ask them to try again?


I think I need to somehow get the "thank you" page to see the response string. Is there a way I can get that using a PHP variable? Is there one that's passed through to this page through SIM? If so, what does an error look like versus an approved? Maybe I can add a PHP checker to see whether it's giving an error.





Does anyone have any advice?


I would have thought having a declined transaction not go through would be a standard feature in If there's no variable to pass into my receipt generator, is there at least a way to change it in the account settings?