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How should I test my REST API?

I couldn't find the answer to the questions I'm going to ask. Let's say I'm developing a REST API.

  • Should I test every endpoint?

  • Every endpoint interacts with the database. Should my tests include a database connection?

  • Where do unit tests fit in a REST API, apart from request validation?

    • Every controller call goes like this:

  1. Receive request <-- here, I see I could have unit tests for validating request body and HTTP headers

  2. Process <-- here, no matter how deep this level can go, there's going to be interaction with the database, so any test here would mean integration test

  3. Return response

  • Considering the above for every call, how can there be unit tests apart from validating request? When there's database / external service interaction in the test, it's an integration test, right? So I don't see where else could there be unit tests.


Yes, ideally you should test every endpoint. And, yes, your tests should my tests include a database connection. You should check every point where an error might occur.

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