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How to confirm transaction was successful?

We are implementing as one of the payment processors on our website. A user should have a possibility to deposit money from his bank card to our website's virtual money balance.


During the integration of we:

1. use "authCaptureTransaction" transaction type;

2. send the request to "createTransactionRequest"


When can we suppose that the transaction was succeeded? I mean, when we can increase user's virtual money balance?


When I have a response: "This transaction has been approved" and "text":"Successful."?


Where can I find more information about handling transaction stages?


Of course, I read , but it is not covering all the cases.


Thanks for help!


I would deposit it as soon as the transaction was successful. My integrations thus far are mostly authOnly. They are manually captured. Once captured they go into captured pending settlement status, then one business day later they go into settled successfully status. As I understand it, once the transaction completes in the payment window, your business basically has all the legal rights to the money that it will ever have. Meaning that the purchasers card will have the available funds reduced and you have the right to collect. They can always do a chargeback but that is applicable at any stage, even after settlement up to 90 days to even 1 year or more later if their bank allows.

Your transactions will probably start in captured pending settlement status. I think it would be penny wise and pound foolish in today’s day and age to get any extra assurance at all before giving your customers credit. It may be a tiny bit more comfortable to have the transaction in settled status, but that takes 24 hours and people have an attention span of about 2 seconds.
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