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How to confirm transaction went through to an '' in test mode using JotForm?



I am trying to integrate a payment eform using's eform service. I have created a payment eform using JotForm's payment wizard/option. After creating the form, and embedding its codes to be used on my webhost server, I ran some tests to see if the eform works. I linked the account on, '' which is in Test Mode, and its API and Transaction Key to the JotForm's eform. According to the email response I get which email I have linked to the eform, the eform works. I used the given fake credit card numbers sent to me by to run the test on the eform. Now, my question is, how can I find on account, that the eforms transaction went through or not. Although, the's account says, 'real transactions will not be processed in test mode. So does that mean I have to take the account of test mode in order for the fake credit card can be processed through the eform? Please assist. I would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you,




Assume you are talking about a production account.

with testmode on, nothing is process/saved on


You could turn it off and use a fake CC, and it would get decline. just remember with test mode off, there a fee for every transaction.


If it is a test account, just turn testmode off.