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How to deal with update order which already have an Unsettled Transactions



I have a problem with a scenario like below:

  1. Place an order using payment gateway: payment with total amount $X already added.
  2. Now our system allow admin or user adjust the order: edit/add purchase items, change shipping method and so on which will make the total amount increase more +$Y. Total order amount now is $(X+Y)
  3. Add payment using, with $Y amount and whole order info.
  4. View transaction in

Expected: The second transaction shows amount correctly with adjust amount $Y in addition payment
Actual: The second transaction shows order total amount (X+Y) included amount in the first transaction.


Could you give me the best way to handle this case with Authorize.Net api?


Best regards,



Hi @balv,


Can you clarify? Are you currently integrated to Authorize.Net, but the amounts of your transactions aren't showing up the way you'd expect? Or, are you looking to integrate to Authorize.Net, but don't know the best way to do so given your transaction requirements?

All Star

Hi @Aaron

Yes, currently we already integrated to Authorize.Net. Everything worked well if each order we only have once payment for whole order amount. I just get into problem in case I showed you above that we need to add an extra payment after update the order.


I am looking forward to hearing from you :)



Hi @balv,


Can you provide more information? Like, for example, how are you sending the additional amount in step 3?


Can you provide any example transactions or requests or responses?

I sent an email about detail explaination (Sorry for cannot post here because don't know how to add images here) to @Aaron but seem he is super busy now.

@RichardH: could you help me take a look on this issue?


Many thanks,