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How to enable users to pay each other in my app?


I am pretty new to and by what I can see from the docs it's a great platform.

I have a one question.

How to allow user to pay other user when he wants to buy his product online?

I guess each user should have a merchant account on

If yes, what would be the easiest way to create that account? Any HTML form to copy to our website?

And when they create account, I guess we should store their info somewhere in our system, associate them with particular user and use it for later payments. How we specify payment destination?

I did not find a part of the doc that addresses this question, so any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

New Member
Is there a simple button to show at our website, something like Connect payment account. The click to this should eventually open a popup window which would enable the user to register.
Then, is there a webhook when the account is registered, so we can have API login id and transaction key and store it to our database, for user's payments?
Thanks in advance,
New Member