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How to force AVS decline in Sandbox? Reversals quit working in Production and unable to debug.

All of a sudden voiding and/or reversing a payment after a decline (to remove the hold) no longer works. 

I need to be able to force an AVS decline to debug the problem in the sandbox. This site is littered with dead links, so I can't find any zip codes or test card numbers to force this issue. Has anyone had any success with a card and/or zip code that will result in an AVS soft decline?


To force an Address Verification System (AVS) decline in the Sandbox environment for debugging purposes, you can use specific test card numbers and zip codes that are designed to trigger different response codes, including AVS declines. Here's how you can do it:

Use Test Card Numbers: Most payment gateways provide a set of test card numbers specifically designed for testing purposes. These test cards simulate various scenarios, including AVS declines. Check the documentation or developer resources provided by your payment gateway to find the test card numbers.
Provide Specific AVS Zip Codes: When using test card numbers, you can provide specific zip codes that are configured to trigger AVS declines. These zip codes are typically standardized across different payment gateways for consistency in testing.
Test with Known Decline Responses: Some test card numbers are specifically configured to trigger AVS declines, and the response code returned by the payment gateway indicates the reason for the decline, including AVS mismatch. Look for test card numbers and associated response codes in the documentation provided by your payment gateway.
By using test card numbers and specific AVS zip codes provided in the documentation or developer resources of your payment gateway, you can simulate AVS declines in the Sandbox environment for debugging purposes. This allows you to identify and troubleshoot issues related to voiding or reversing payments after a decline. If you're unable to find the necessary information in the documentation, consider reaching out to your payment gateway's support team for assistance.