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How to generate opaqueData using .NET SDK?

I use Accept.JS for the frontend, and my backend (.NET web service) has a method, which gets opaqueData from UI. I want to write unit tests for this method, however I cannot find any way to generate this data using your .NET SDK library. Is it possible to generate valid opaqueData using .NET SDK?


Hello @Mirimon


We currently don't support creating a token through the SDK/API, but we can see how this would be helpful.  Another developer made a similar request.  You can add your vote to add this in our Ideas forum.

Administrator Administrator

Hi @Mirimon,


Richard's correct that we don't currently support a way of getting a token through the API, there is a way to make an API call to do what you ask. I posted samples of the request and response in this thread.


There is nothing built into the .NET SDK that would access this method, though, so you'd be sending a JSON/XML request directly into our API endpoint yourself.