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How to get more error details for declines?

Hi all,


the details of the error received in the response are not the same (not same level of description) with those the client gets at his merchant dashborard report.


This is all that I receive as an error:

<errors><error><errorCode>2</errorCode><errorText>This transaction has been declined.</errorText></error></errors>


and this is what the client looks at the report for the same transaction attempt:


where it says - " Transaction status: Declined (Card declined by issuer - Contact card issuer to determine reason.)"



How can I get the extra detail: (Card declined by issuer - Contact card issuer to determine reason.) ?


I've been looking at the response codes

but by the code "2" it is the same explanation that I've got in the response:


		"code" : "2",
		"text" : "This transaction has been declined.",
		"integration_suggestions" : "", 
		"other_suggestions" : ""



Any advice is highly appreciated,

and thanks in Advance!




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Just like the error said, you need to contact card issuer.


Thank You for the reply.


 My question was, how to get the same message that Authorize.Net displays to the client from the merchant dashboard?


This message in the XML response (the bolded):



      <errorCode>2</errorCode><errorText>This transaction has been declined.</errorText>




is very different than this message from the dashboard:

 Transaction status: Declined (Card declined by issuer - Contact card issuer to determine reason.)


Why is Authorize.Net displaying/prividing 2 different messages (with different details) for the same transaction? 



The dashboard message and the message received in the XML response have to be the same for a unique transaction, which is not the case. When the client compares the messages for the same transaction, there shouldn't be any difference.




Hello, how did you resolve this issue please?

All this site is not working anyone more did you know the reason ??? any solution?? Thanks in advanced


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The error code you are seeing is correct for 2. We shall try to add more details for 2 in other suggestions as shown for 4.


For 2:

		"code" : "2",
		"text" : "This transaction has been declined.",
		"integration_suggestions" : "", 
		"other_suggestions" : ""

 For 4: 

		"code" : "4",
		"text" : "This transaction has been declined.",
		"integration_suggestions" : "", 
		"other_suggestions" : "The code returned from the processor indicating that the card used needs to be picked up."


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