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How to implement CIM with SIM.

I want my users to store their credit card details so that user can allow us to auto deduct amount from their cards.
I am using SIM method for payments.

SIM and CIM are different API.

CIM do have an hosted option. you can read it in the doc




We also required to integrate hosted page of CIM with SIM. As mention in documentation we understood that CIM hosted use to manage customer profile only & SIM hosted provide payment facility.


But we need to integrate both of them simulteneously. Is this possible?

Sure an account can support any/all the APIs.



Thank you for your feedback.


But can you please explain me in detai how it is possible integrate both CIM hosted page &SIM ?


Let me explain process again,


User add product in cart and click on checkout we call function openAddPaymentPopup() [Which is function of hosted CIM] and after that user will filled up all detail and click on "Save" will create payment profile. But now i need that newly added payment profile id and make the payment using SIM hosted page.


Now can you please suggest me how can i do that or can you please explain how can i use CIM & SIM for same transaction?


I hope now i can explain you in better way.


Please reply soon.


Thank You for your support.

Once the customer create a payment profile, you don't use SIM for the transaction, use the CIM to create a payment transaction.


The reason to use SIM was so that the CC info don't go thru your server. But if you use CIM hosted option to get the customer CC info, there isn't a reason to use SIM anymore.



Again Thanks a lot for quick reply.


If i am using hosted page of CIM and create payment profile using entered data in iframe and click on SAVE then can i use that newly added payment profile id after pop up is closed??


If Yes,

    then can i use that id and in backgroud make the payment using that payment profile id?


If No,

   Please give us alternate solution. How can i access that payment profile id when  pop up is closed?


Really Thanks a lot for quick reply.



Please reply on my last updated questions.

Sorry, only play around with the hosted CIM a little bit, not enough to help you. Look like you found the sample code threads