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How to transfer money from merchant account to different vendors bank accounts?

How to transfer money from merchant account to different vendor's bank accounts?
If we use for market place website where multiple vendors list their products and the website receives all payments in merchant account then how we can distribute money to the vendor's bank account or in their account. Please provide any solution.

I have vendor account so I don't know. Sorry mymorri


I'm unsure if this is right, but try creating a new account. I think that might help in case you have some site error.


If that doesn't help, then open a new card and link the payment to it. After that, I already in my office attached it to the amount from the new vendor. Perhaps you will also need the help of a wealth management advisor. Specialists should know how to transfer such payments and attach invoices. Personally, I turned to them when I needed to figure out how to set aside my capital so that I would always have a good percentage left over. But I think they can help in your situation as well.