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How to use RecurringBilling property on AuthorizationRequest (.NET SDK)



We are using the .NET SDK to wrap the API and submit basic transactions - it works nicely. However, I would like to submit ARB transactions. There is a RecurringBilling field / property on the AuthorizationRequest class, but I can't find the  docs on its usage.  Is there a way to use that to somehow create an ARB transaction at the same time we submit the AIM transaction? We would like to bill for the first payment in near-real-time and then have future payments managed by ARB.


Can someone here point me in the right direction?


Thanks, Crile


That property does not set up a recurring billing transaction. It just is a flag for your records that it is part of a recurring billing transaction. You must make a call to the ARB API to actually create a recurring billing subscription. So if you use AIM for the first subscription payment, and you should, you would set that flag to true. 

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