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I want to authorize eCheck and charge later using the token as required



I am looking into using as a provider for our billing needs as far as ACH/eCheck goes.  While I've read the ARB documentation, it does not meet my needs of using the ARB/eCheck platform.


What I want is to have a feature where I don't have to store any banking information (just an initial authorization) and only receive a reference ID/Token to charge against for these different amounts as and when the customer wants(I want to make it recurring from my application side by just calling the API for charging against the amount).  Basically, I don't want to have any security risk of storing banking information - just an initial transaction to get a token (ID) to bill the customer.


ARB appears to only set up a billing subscription that has a known interval and a known fee - which is understandable from a subscription standpoint.


How do I go about this problem?


CIM (Customer Information Manager) should work.

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