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Iframe Communicator Page code not showing in divIframeCommunicator html PLEASE HELP

When paying on our page the successful thank you text shows but the javascript that is on our iframecommunicator page is not showing in divIframeCommunicator, but the iframe source is showing the link(to our iframecommunicator page) that we have sent in the begining. for example thats how the html looks like:


<iframe src="https://websitename.local/IFrameCommunicator.html#action=resizeWindow&amp;width=1000&amp;height=662" name="ifrmCommunicator" id="ifrmCommunicator" onload="IFrameCommunication.iFrmCommunicator_onload();"></iframe>


we tried returning a html page instead of the link to our controller (which by the way send html body when requested) but also there was no success.

Note: It should work locally because authorize sample website works fine locally.


Hi @tarekhamou,


Can you give an example of the token request you're sending?

All Star

@AaronThanks a lot for the quick reply, This is my json request body:













Again, the link is showing in the response but the body not.


When the form loads, are there any errors in the browser console? Is the page that loads the form itself also hosted on the same host as the iframecommunicator page?


As an aside, if you find working with Accept Hosted difficult because of the limitations like the above, might I recommend Accept.js?


We've just released functionality where you can actually now call a hosted payment form from JavaScript in the browser, and then return an encrypted representation of the card data back to your server to do all of the transaction processing server-side. It's the PCI-DSS profile of Accept Hosted without the iFrameCommunicator weirdness.