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In person iOS sdk



Im planning to use this SDK to accept card payments on an ipad app that will work as a self service kiosk. I assume the workflow is as follows:


  1. App will promt the user to insert the card
  2. The app will trigger the inperson SDK
  3. In person sdk magically will trigger the transaction
  4. App recieves the transaction ID or error details.

Is this assumption correct?


Also what is involved in integrating the card readers like anywherecommerce? Are any card readers supported out of the box by the SDK i.e you just have to integrate the in person SDK and everything else would just work.



Hi prasanth,


Can you please clarify and describe what is your initial flow? Are you planning on just having the user key in their card in the flow you laid out?




Administrator Administrator

Thanks for your reply. I'm assuming once after my app triggers the in-person SDK, the user can insert the card with the card reader and do the transaction.


I want to know if that will work or should we be integrating something else to read from the card readers (like a SDK provided by the card reader company). If it works then which brands card readers work out of the box with the in-person SDK?

Our In-person SDK supports the Anywhere Commerce Walker reader, you don't need to use any other sdk.  


EMV must be certified end to end.  Using our in-person SDK allows you to add payment to your application without having to perform your own certification.  This is referred to as a semi-integrated solution.



Thank you so much.


Also anyone please confirm if the workflow that I had suggested is the correct one.

Also forgot to ask one thing. Is there anyway with which we can test this in sandbox mode?



Testing in the sandbox requires a different reader than production.  Developers can request a device for up to 60 days using this form:



Thanks. Loaner program is available outside of US?

Yes, we can send a loaner device to India, but please remember that the reader currenly only works with US-based merchants.  It cannot be used outside of the United States.


Please confirm if your use case is for a US-based client.



Its for a US based merchant.


How long does it take to ship the device normally? We are ok if its shipped to our US office or India.


Also this may sound stupid, but how will sanbox testing work? Do I swipe a real credit card and it wont be charged and it would just simulate a transaction? Also how do I test a negative case, where the payment fails?