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In person iOS sdk



Im planning to use this SDK to accept card payments on an ipad app that will work as a self service kiosk. I assume the workflow is as follows:


  1. App will promt the user to insert the card
  2. The app will trigger the inperson SDK
  3. In person sdk magically will trigger the transaction
  4. App recieves the transaction ID or error details.

Is this assumption correct?


Also what is involved in integrating the card readers like anywherecommerce? Are any card readers supported out of the box by the SDK i.e you just have to integrate the in person SDK and everything else would just work.




any help on the above would be greatly appretiated



If you re-submit the request with your US address, you may get it faster.





Thanks for your reply. I have submitted a request for the US office. Please let me know how testing will work. Do we swipe a real card and it wont be charged?

Transactions in the sandbox never result in a real payment, the sandbox does not actually connect to the card networks.



Applied for the device loaner program with our US address. It been several days but no replies from unfortunately. Do you know how long it takes to process the request?