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Integrate PayPlans Joomla + Authorize

As I can use the application of authorizes to charge my clients through my joomla website which has a module that is to integrate this system.

Do you have any additional cost for the service?
When making payment where's my money to my card?
I can remove it without problem in Dominican Republic?

The configuration module for asking me the following information:
API Login ID:
Transaction Key:
Currency: $
Test Mode: No Yes
Cancel Recurring Order: No Yes

Thank you. -


Hey neibatuto,


You may want to contact Joomla as they'll be able to better help you with questions pertaining to their solution. But to try and answer your other questions, you must have an Authorize.Net account to use our services, and yes, there is an additional fee. During account setup, you would provide us with your banking account info, and that is how we bill you every month. Lastly, you can be located anywhere in the world to have an Authorize.Net account, but you must have a U.S bank account in order to accept payments.


Hope that helps.





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