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Integrating ARB into existing AIM implementation in ASP classic

Right now I have an AIM implementation that I put into place about 5 years ago. Now they want to add ARB into the donations section. My AIM implementation uses the VBScript dictionary and builds a string of key=value pairs. I then simply post (and parse the response) with this:


Dim objRequest, post_response
Set objRequest = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP") "POST", post_url, false
    objRequest.send post_string
    post_response = objRequest.responseText
Set objRequest = nothing

' the response string is broken into an array using the specified delimiting character
Dim response_array
response_array = split(post_response, post_values("x_delim_char"), -1)

So, it does not look like I can use the scripting dictionary object to create the xml post for those posts that want to use ARB. Or can I? Is ARB as simple as posting a well formed XML document to the proper URL? The sample code that I see really isn't that great, it shows the structure of the XML post, but that is it, I don't see where to post it to. Does it go to the same place that I send my AIM posts? Hopefully I have just missed something. Anybody with experience integrating ARB into a classic asp solution want to give me a pointer or two?




Look at the sample code for CIM asp. they use the xml too.

And the ARB post url is different then AIM, it in the documentation.