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Integrating Authorize.Net in Xamarin.Forms Apps

We are currently using AuthorizeNET .NET SDK for AIM payment on our website and planning to develope mobile apps for Android and iOS for this particular website using Cross-Platform Xamarin.Forms framework.


The question is that while there is currently no SDKs available for Xamarin.Forms, if the same .NET SDK can be used for this purpose?


We have already considered using webview to do the task, however, I will appreciate any piece of information or advice.




Hi @zaeemflower2018


We officially publish only .NET SDK and are in process to publish .NET Core SDK.


We don't have Xamrin SDKs, instead have native Android & iOS SDKs.


From what I understand the .Net & .Net Core can't be using with Xamrin so we don't have any out of the box solution for you yet. But you can go ahead and explore some 3rd party SDKs in Nuget for Xamarin or .Net Standard, which may work for your requirment.

Note, we take no responsosbity for those SDKs.




Authorize.Net Expert Authorize.Net Expert
Authorize.Net Expert

@zaeemflower2018 We were hoping to integrate the inperson SDK with an app that we developed in Xamarin.Forms.  Did you ever identify a working solution for integrating in your Xamarin.Forms cross-platform (iOS and Android) app?


@tceliaNo, project postponed indefinitely.

Have you deploy Xamrin SDKs? We have an application need pay Apple Pay with in Xamarin forms. When we install in Nuget package, we have an error: 
"Error NU1202 Package AuthorizeNet 2.0.2 is not compatible with xamarinios10 (Xamarin.iOS,Version=v1.0). Package AuthorizeNet 2.0.2 supports: net (.NETFramework,Version=v0.0) project_App.iOS"