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Integration of with SalesForce



I have a simple question. Up until a few months ago, was successfully sending credit card data to SalesForce, without issue. 


The old IT guy left, and now I am in charge. I have no idea how this was set up, or where to go. 


The integration is now broken, and CC data is not being properly transferred. Can someone please point me in the right direction?


*Note: I was told by support I need to find a "Result Code" or a "Response Code" on the backend inbound logs in SalesForce. Where do I go? 


Any help ANYONE can provide is very helpful. I was also told the Customer Information Manager Integrator could be broken.


Thank you, 




@mmazzola95 Sorry for the confusing advice you received. It sounds like Merchant Support may have been suggesting that your integrator could have logging that would contain the data we need to help.

Most Salesforce integrations use a third-party integration layer, such as AppFrontier Chargent, FormAssembly, or Chargify. It is probably most helpful if you can identify whether one of these were used, and then contact the support team for that integration layer.

If you know how to use Fiddler or Wireshark, look for traffic coming from one of the Authorize.Net API hostnames. For live transactions, you'd look for,,, and If you can capture and decode the response, it should contain enough data to help determine what issue you're encountering.

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@LilithIs there a third-party inetrgeartion that is recommended or preferred by We want to make sure we select an integration that will be reliable and secure. We don't need anything too complex, just the ability to use the virtual terminal and invoicing system. 


Note: I'm responsible for our Salesforce account, but am not a web developer. The simpler, the better.

I do not know what to offer you alas concerning the API request, but the response acquired from the Sandbox is a message that says "Transaction Approved as you can see," once I was looking forward to "Does NOT Match," "Is NOT Processed," and many others.


Clearly I need someone that is familar with the SDK.


The Method I'm using:

webClientRequest.UploadValues(webClientRequest.BaseAddress, "POST", InputObject)

to post is not my method, but part of the SDK. So I'm simply trying to build the proper Input Object to feed it.


the webClientRequest.UploadValues builds that actual sting that is transmitted.


Is there  anyone out there in this gourp that can offer me some assistance on the proper way to build the value string for the x_line_item key  used by the UploadValues method when you have multiple line items. GTA 5 APK


I have tried several secenarios with no luck (other than sending just one line item).

Any help in that area would be greatly appreciated.