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Integration with windows in person SDK in .net



I have downloaded sdk from I have following problems and questions.


I am using Augusta in-persom emv card reader.



When I test the sample application with my account in "test" mode the trasaction is successful. After that when I turn my account into LIVE mode, transaction is also successful but all I see in is a transaction of $1. No matter what amount I select I only see transaction as "Authorized/Pending Capture" for $1. And the final transaction never goes through. I do not see any errors on the front end but the amount is not captured. How do I fix this issue?


I see in the code "startEMVTransaction" API is being used in my case but looks like there may be another API that needs to be called to "complete" the transaction? If I try to call "processCardInBackground" , "processCardCompletedWithStatus" aways sends false.



Every time the card is inserted for reading, the user interface needs me select an "Application". Is there a way to turn that off?


Thank you.


I do not have a direct answer to your question but here is my personal experience with the inperson-sdk-windows tool.


When I process the transaction using the "startQuickChipWithoutUI" function, I'm able to process transactions and capture them with any dollar value. 




When I process a transaction using the "startEMVTransaction" function and process a transaction for say $2.42, the transaction goes to authorized/pending settlement status for $1 and is never captured...


I can not determine a root cause based on the code. I'll be doing some more digging around over the next week. But if you are still having this info, reply and I'll share more info that I find.