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Intermittent accept hosted iframe issue

We've been using the Accept hosted iframe ( for several years now without issue. Within the past month we've received numerous reports from customers and internal employees that the hosted profile page is not always loading and requires refreshing the browser several times before it appears. When the form fails to load there is no error displayed, but simply a white/blank screen, and the iframe communicator events (e.g. window size) are not being fired. 


Temporarily I've added code which reloads the iframe after 5 seconds if a resize event isn't received. This does resolve the problem, but is a terrible solution for many reasons. The request Token doesn't change when the iframe is reloaded. For our internal employees, this problem doesn't come up when developer tools are open. Could this be a case where certain static files (JavaScript) hosted on the iframe page ( were updated recently and an old version is being cached?


This has been implemented using the documentation at (