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Is There An AuthorizeNetDPM.php for Production Use?

What file do I use to implement the direct_post.php method (which uses the file anet-php-sdk/lib/AuthorizeNetDPM.php file) if I want it to submit a transaction in Live Mode, as a secure transaction? Is there a version of that /lib/ file that doesn't have the fields pre-filled, and doesn't set the $amount in the direct_post.php script? These two pre-set items defeat the usability of the AuthorizeNetDPM file for anything but testing.


Isn't this why many of us are getting the "Error Code 3--merchant ID and password are invalid" because we're trying to use non-usable code for real-time transaction processing? I have wasted so much time messing around "testing" code, and need to get to the real purpose of my being here... to use real code to accomplish a task, like offering an item for sale and processing payment through I've been at this for six months and haven't gotten it figured out yet.


Could someone please help me and US on this forum? I've looked through everything in your "Community Development" site, worked with the tools, read the pages, even posted a job description to Elance, but that's not the route I want to go. We who have an account with deserve better support than this. It's like you're saying, if you don't get it, hire a developer or forever be in limbo, letting us suggest to you that your login_id and trans_key are incorrect.


Please just tell me where I can find the file that will let me do a direct_post without all the test data in it and that will not fail when used on the production server with my proper production id/key.


Thank you.