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Is that possible to generate a QR Code after done the transaction from the Authorize.Net

I have created a small parking reservation application in ASP.NET (C#). In that i used a as a payment gateway. After clicked on the "PAY NOW" button its navigating to the Authorize.Net's payment site for further transaction after that nothing is in my hand, customer can fill the required details and he pay online and it will automatically generates a receipt of the transaction. I need QR Code here...with the final that possible?


Are you using SIM or DPM? use relay response to get back to your site their you can create the QR code


yes i m using SIM & DPM.

Means it will go back to the my webpage and their i can generate the QR code.

Means with the detilas of my final trasaction it can generate the QR code (Actually i want this).

yes, and yes.

Thank you very much sir.