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Issues with the hosted payment page working in the Apple Captive Network Assistant window

An issue has come to our atttention that the hosted payment page (AIM), the receipt page specifically doesn't work in a Apple Captive Network Assistant window on iOS and Mac.


On the receipt page you can have it show a button/link that will do a GET/POST back to your website. We use the 'x_receipt_link_url' field to direct back to our site with the 'x_receipt_link_method' set to POST. We then use that POST data to check the transaction data and authorize access to the network.


When this button or link is generated for the receipt page it is wrapped with a javascript confirm statment that shows a popup asking the user if they wish to be taken to the site procided in 'x_receipt_link_url'. As far as we are aware this javascript confirm hasn't always been there and is something that has been added in the not too distant past.


Our customers have to pay for connectivity to the network and the trouble they are having is that when they connect the Apple Captive Network Assistant window that pops up and allows them to make the purchase doesn't allow JS popups. This means that the links or buttons never do the GET/POST/redirect back to our site. You can just keep clicking the button and it does nothing.


In our situation we need this POST to happen because they have already paid for the service but the service can't be activated until the POST back to our servers has occured.


You have probably guessed by the fact that it is using AIM, this is an old system that has been maintenance only for a long time. There is absolutely no interest in upgrading the system to the new "Accept Hosted" solution.


Can anybody tell me if there is a way to remove this javascript confirm code from the receipt page?


Thanks in advanced





I do not think that AIM is a hosted payment page. I think you post raw data to through your own form. Do you use a 3rd party CMS or other software?  

All Star

@Renaissance you are correct, my mistake, we are using SIM not AIM.


We aren't using a CMS or enything, its a custome integration into our portal.


Do you have any ides about this JS that wraps the link button on the receipt page?


For the avoidance of doubt, here is a link of the button I am talking about:



Not familiar with that js at all. I think SIM has a relay response feature that will take the user back automatically doesn’t it? I’ve not worked on many SIM integrations but I think that is how the RR works.