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JavaScript/AJAX on SIM relay response page?

Hey All,


Can anyone (preferably an engineer, if they read these) shed some light on what is/is not allowed in the content of a SIM relay response page?


I have a SIM relay response page that has some JavaScript that automatically forwards my users on to an order confirmation screen. It's a simple form submit, triggered by the body's OnLoad.


I'm having an issue where this fails maybe 5% of the time, but I see no errors or anything in my log to help me figure out what the failure scenario is. All I see when it does fail is that my confirmation page doesn't get requested in my access logs.


I've tried to throw an AJAX request in to my relay response page just so I can log some things to my server, (so I can rule out javascript issue vs server issue) but it doesn't seem to execute AJAX at all.


Anyone know where I can get details on this? Is AJAX disallowed on a relay response page? Is there any better way to get errors out of the system for a problem like this?


Thanks in advance...


maybe your customer have javascript disable?

can't you just log the relay response page and the order confirmation page?