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Notification for declined transactions by - ARB

Is there any way to get notification for declined transaction by for ARB method.


We do use of Silent POST URL method for transaction updates but It seems it does not return any status or notification for declined transactions which has been already running.


We are using a membership integration with an plugin and it is important to downgrade the membership in case a recurring transaction is declined. The downgrade will be only possible if we get some notification from for declined transactions.


There must be some way to get that information from Thanks


Hi irfandayan56 ,


You can configure your account in the Merchant Interface to receive the Failed Transaction Notice for your ARB subscriptions. The emails available include the following:


Daily Transaction Summary — A daily summary of transactions associated with your ARB subscriptions. This e-mail type includes a CSV file each for successful and failed transactions.
Failed Transaction Notice — Notification of failed transactions for your ARB subscriptions.
Subscription Due for Expiration — Notification of upcoming subscription expirations.
Credit Card Expiration — Notification of upcoming credit card expirations for ARB subscriptions.
Subscription Suspension — Notification of suspended subscriptions for reasons of transaction decline, rejection, or error.
Subscription Expiration — Notification of subscriptions that have expired.
Subscription Termination — Notification of subscriptions terminated by the payment gateway.




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