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Last valid payment information about ARB subscription


 I am using from last month. Right now i am working on ARB, i am having an issue about the last successful payment information(for recurring billing), as i have to make changes in my database if the recurring payment gets successful or not. also i want to know what is the criteria is using if a recurring payment doesnot completed successful. These are the major points about which i am really concerned. please let me know all the best possible actions that occurs after a successful payment / unsuccesful payment .

   i am working on a live project and i am about to implement , so please clearify me on this issue. i  also search on your forums but i didn't find any helpful information.



Hi evsstore812,


Please check this article that explains the different statuses of a recurring subscription. Like any one-time, non-recurring transaction, a transaction within a subscription may decline for various reasons. When a transaction within a subscription is successful an email notification is sent to the merchant same as failed transaction notices. You can configure your account to get the different recurring subscriptions notifications as explained here. In addition to the automated email notifications that we send out, you can also use our reporting API to retrieve transaction data.




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