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Live Mode not Validating Credit Card

With the add payment profile and add profile requests, I am setting livemode however, in the response I have the following statement: " Test transaction for ValidateCustomerPaymentProfile."


The credit card is not being verified. Is there any possible reasons that the livemode is not kicking in?


Yes,AuthNet support requested the transaction and profile id as part of their investigation. They claim that American Express authorized the fake card number and everything on their end is working properly. However, I pointed out to them that AIM will reject that card number so that explanation does not really seem plausible. I haven't gotten any further responses from them.


I am not sure if it's only American Express as I tested with Amex first and didn't test any other card types once it had failed. At this point, I have my solution of using AIM to submit a 1 cent transaction and voiding it immediately afterwards to verify card numbers. 

Did you try the AIM with 0.00, that what it look like the CIM was doing.