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MD5 Hash with Accept.js?

Hi All,


I've been hitting my head against a wall for a while now. Currently getting a Error: E00116 "he authenticated merchant does not have access to the specified OTS Token."


I have the accept.JS and php sdk credientials the same and both on production but it just won't work on our client's account. If we switch out with our own production account it works like a charm but on the client's it won't.


We realized they have their MD5 hash turned on and we thought that might be it but there is no where in accept.js docs that says to use it. So does accept.js just not need the MD5 and there is another issue or do I just need to send it as part of the authData?




The MD5 Hash option enables your application to verify that the results of a transaction are actually from Authorize.Net and exists in the response.


Error E00116, results from the public client key used to get the Payment Nonce, not matching the merchant credentials used to create a transaction with the Payment Nonce. Can you make sure these two keys are in sync for your client's production account?

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